Guitar Repair Guitar repair services offered at AME

Restring: $15
Set Up:  $50 for 6 String and Bass
$75 for 12 String
$75 for Proper Floyd Rose Set Up
Bone Nut: $50 or 6 String and Bass
$60 for 12 String
Compensated Bone Saddle: $50
Fret Dress: $150 (includes set up)
Re fret: $275 – $300 (Includes Set Up, will call with estimate)
Bridge Removal and Reset: $150
Bridge Removal and Replace: $250
Bridge Shave and Re slot: $50 – $100
Crack Repair, Rehydrate, Cleat, and Touch Up: $20 – $30 per inch
Neck Repair w/ Touch up and Set Up: $150 – $250
Dents and Dings: $50 minimum
Machine Head (Tuners) Install: $25 – $40
Electronics: $20 – $25 per component (More for Hollow Body)
Complete Rewire: $150 and up (More for Hollow Body)
Acoustic Pickup Install with Set up: $100 – $125
Refinishes: $500 and Up
Manufacture Parts and all other Miscellaneous Work: $50 per hour
Custom Builds: Call for Estimate

*PARTS AND STRINGS NOT INCLUDED IN ESTIMATE. This is a guideline only; actual repair is based on a case by case basis.  We are happy to give a free estimate on the actual cost of the repair work to be performed.

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